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Sexcapades and Sexperience

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hit it! Cowboy Style!

It is our round four. My German Franks still want to fuck her pussy. When I inserted my German Franks to her pussy’s hole she was hurt. I felt her pussy was not wet anymore. It was really dry. She told me that she didn’t want to have sex that time. I felt angry because my German Franks was in heat and craving for sex. My German Franks had turned into its longest size of 8 ½ inches. I was unpleased because she was not in the mood of having sex that is why my German Franks turned into a tidbits hotdog. She goes back to sleep but me I was planning where I can release the heat on my body. I thought of just putting lotion on my German Franks and masturbate.

While I am masturbating that time I am imagining of fucking her. It didn’t have an effect. It still turns into a tidbits hotdog. It was not happy and active. I mean it was not happy of lotion and hand. I stopped. I thought of another plan. Since I was inexperienced on anal sex I planned on doing it that time. I woke her up and foreplay her. I licked her big tits down to her hairy pussy. She gets angry because I disturbed her sleep. I still insist to have sex that time. I lift her and put her into a dog style position and tried to insert my German Franks on to her tight ass hole.

I can’t insert my German Franks into her ass hole. It was really tight. I grabbed the lotion beside me and put it into my hand. I used my middle finger to open her tight ass hole. I added 1 more finger and I heard her scream. She really shouted. I felt my hand something sticky. I don’t know what it was. I still continued on fingering her asshole I was really craving for sex that time.

When I felt that her asshole was enlarging I quickly put more lotion on my German Franks. For the second attempt, I tried to insert my German Franks into her ass hole. It entered! It entered on her ass hole. I fuck her hard. I saw her eyes with tears. She was shouting, “Stop it please! Stop it! But I still continued. Even she's begging and crying because of pain, I ignored her, instead, I still continued to fuck her.

I don’t want to be mild on her, I want to be wild! While I am fucking her I also spank her on her butt. I fuck her like a cowboy style! I felt the intensity and adrenalin of my body to reach for the gold. I thought of releasing my cum into her ass. 10 minutes passed, I released my milk on her ass. It was very tiring but a never forgotten experience.

When I woke up I saw something brown bits on my German Franks and it stinks! It looks like bits of shit! Yuck! Like my Bloody Sex, I went to the bathroom and took a bath really quick. I washed my German Franks with hot water and put alcohol to be germ free. J

Oh man! That was really good!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Nurse a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I was sick that time and my parents had to take me to the hospital. I had a severe fever, it caused me to not to attend my classes for 2days. I was wearing only boxer shorts and a shirt when they took me to the hospital. I was confined for 2 days. There was a nurse that entered my room. She was not so beautiful but her skin was perfect. It was so smooth! I can see her undies through her skirt. And she smells so good. She smells like sweet chocolates. She told me to take off my clothes and wear only the patient clothes. I was surprised that without hesitations she helped me to take it off because my right hand had dextrose. She pulls my boxer shorts and accidentally her arms had hit my German Franks. It quickly reacted and erected! The nurse was shocked and I heard her whispered. "Oh! What a big dick!"

I play a joke on her. "Nurse, Nurse I am sick call the doctor very quick!"

She smiled and licked the head of my dick while touching my balls. She deep throated my dick! Oh man! That was the greatest blowjob I had ever experienced. I felt that I was fucking that time. I can see her eyes happy with what she was doing.

While she was giving me a blowjob, my pubic hair got stocked on her braces. That really hurts! :) The funny thing was she didn’t notice it. I didn't tell her that my slimy white milk will be ready to explode in no time. :) And when I felt it will explode, I hold the back of her head and pulled it. She reacted and pulled away my German Franks out on her mouth and away from her uniform. But I saw her uniform with a white liquid and I didn't tell her. She ran out of my room. :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bloody Sex

Have you ever tried to fuck a girl when she has her monthly period? Maybe not all men tried. But if you will ask me my answer would be “Yes”. It’s just an accident and I won’t do it again! Never! I know what you are thinking of right now. It was very messy and smells like a raw fish.

It happened one time when me and my friends had a house party. We were all drunk back then. Some of my friends were fell asleep already. But because it was my house I had to clean up our mess.

Cleaning up was finished. I feel sleepy. I went up in my room and lay down. Then I just felt something. There was somebody on my bed. The lights were off that is why I didn’t noticed it.

I just heard a voice of a girl. She said “Ouch!” I recognized that voice. It was my friend Brenda.

Because I am drunk I didn’t let the opportunity passed. I have the courage to do the evil naughty things that came up on my mind. I want to fuck her. And it was the first time that there is a girl on my bed.

I kissed her right away. I was so shocked because she didn’t refused and I felt that she wants to be fucked to. I quickly undress her pants and undies and let my German Franks in on her pussy. We have a bumpy ride! Her pussy was wet. Really wet and… sticky… yuck....

I was really horny that time. After that we both fell asleep. I was the first who woke up. I saw my German Franks with ketchup! I turned my head on Brenda and I saw her undies with sandwich. I mean she has a feminine napkin on her undies and it was full of blood! I run to the bathroom and quickly washed my German Franks. I put soap and alcohol 3 times and still the smell didn’t leave my German Franks. Worst isn’t it?!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Maid to be Horny

When I was in 3rd year high school, it was the time that I was on the peak of my curiosity. I tend to watch porn movies and cartoons while masturbating. Some say I was a late-bloomer. Mostly, I wait for my parents and siblings to go to office and school so I will be all alone. After eating my breakfast, I used to call our maid to rent me some new porn on the video shop and wait excitedly for her to arrive.

I watch porn videos on our living room while our maid is cleaning. The first thing that pop-ups into my mind was why does she keeps on cleaning while I am watching? I turned my head and looked at her. She was watching too. I smiled and I thought of a plan.

On the next day, the same thing happened. My family was out on the house, and I ask our maid once again to return those porn vcds and rent new ones. I was so excited yet nervous thinking about my plan. What if she slaps me on my face and blabs it to my parents.

After a short while she came back, with two vcds on her hand. I took it away from her right away, run to our living room and put the cds on. Once again, she keeps on cleaning and watching at the same time. I took a deep breath and told her to stop cleaning and just watch the movies with me instead. She agrees but she didn't sit beside me, she sat on the couch next to mine.

I cannot concentrate on what I’m watching, instead I’m concentrating on the plans I have in mind. I called her to sit beside me and she agreed. Minutes has passed, I held her hand and kissed her on her lips down to her neck. I was so amazed that she didn't refused. I then put my hand on her breast and she started moaning. I felt some electricity on my body! I quickly removed her shirt and bra then I saw her boobs with pink nipples. I licked those nipples right away. Letting go of the opportunity makes no sense to me that time.

After I foreplay with her boobs, I removed her shorts and panty. Again, I was dumbfounded because it was the first time that I’ve ever saw a pussy. Hers was hairy. I then fore played with her little pussy cat. When I touched it, I felt something wet. Really wet! I put my middle finger to her pussy and started to finger it. She moaned like a lion and I felt more slimy liquids on her. What an experience!

Then I stopped, quickly stood up and let her eat my German Franks. She ate it whole-heartedly. What a feeling! She ate my balls too! I feel like I was in heaven! I then eventually put my franks on her and fucked her. I only stroked my franks 3 times and felt something strange. I pulled my franks out on her and I was surprised on what I saw. It was slimy white milk. What a kiddo?!

Up to now, my wife doesn't know about this.